Simplyplus tries to build connections with people’s daily lives through products and services. We simply believe “Less is more”. Making people’s life simple and easy isn’t an easy job! Especially when it comes to build a perfect home for you or your fluffy friendly friends (your pet)!


We think, design and build our products to fulfil our customer’s requirement. We specialised in engineering pet products and home furnitures and furnished them into attractive, functional, sustainable and affordable items. That’s because we believe most people share a desire for beauty, a need for functionality and a regard for saving resources – both their own, and the planet’s.

By providing excellent quality, continuous product innovation and world-class customer service, we believe that Simplyplus Products are the absolute finest available anywhere. High quality products at low prices would provide great satisfaction to customers.

Our expertise, experience and independence turn every products into master piece which makes your life lot more simple and happy!



With the input from the discovery phase at hand, we  will ensure creating the perfect products for you.


We are very concerned about the smallest details. Almost every single element is made to look and work perfectly.


User experience has always been our top priority. You just need to try it to see what we actually mean!

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